Evolving Sports into Industry

Evolving Sports into Industry

Evolving Sports into Industry

Evolving Sports into Industry

Evolving Sportsinto Industry


SKYLIGHT Sports shines a light on all those involved in sports, becoming a power for strengthening both competition and business in a lasting way.
By firmly connecting athletes, staff, fans, sponsors, media, and local communities, we will evolve all sports to a sustainable new stage.

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After working for a system integrator, he joined Skylight Consulting in 2004.

He specializes in launching new businesses and projects, and contributes to the realization of the 1 to 10 growth phase through the realization of concepts created from 0 to 1,
the formulation of strategies, and the formulation and execution management of implementation plans.

As part of Skylight’s business development, he is responsible for the expansion of consulting services targeting the sports business domain and ASEAN countries. In the sports business, he was involved in the capital and business alliance with Tokyo Verdy, and is currently a board member of SKYLIGHT Five Consultoria esportiva Brasil Ltda. in Sao Paulo, Brazil, along with former Brazilian national football player Edmilson.

He is currently leading the football academy business as a board member of SKYLIGHT Five Consultoria esportiva Brasil Ltda.



After graduating from university, joined a major think tank. He worked as a system engineer mainly in the manufacturing industry.

After joining Skylight Consulting, he was involved in strategic planning and project management with a focus on IT. Currently belongs to a consulting group that supports professional sports teams, sports organizations, and sponsor companies. He specializes in developing strategies for sports organizations and human resource development strategies.

During his school days, he played soccer as a goalkeeper and experienced national championships. On weekends, he works hard to promote futsal to elementary school students.

Satoru TODA


He has over 20 years of consulting experience in industries such as finance, telecommunications, transportation, and government at Accenture, Inc.

He has also worked at Rakuten Life Insurance Company, where he served as the General Manager of the Internet Marketing Organization Department, Deputy General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division, General Manager of the Strategic Promotion Division, and General Manager of the Product Service Division.

He joined Skylight Consulting in 2019 after serving as Executive Officer of Ridge-i Corporation. He is responsible for the development of new businesses at Skylight, utilizing his career as a consultant and his experience in business development, marketing, and product development at business companies.

Currently, he is in charge of sports business, focusing on the operation of FC SKA Brasil open_in_new, a professional football player development business in Brazil.



After graduating from university, he joined Skylight Consulting in 2011. Since joining the company, he has been engaged in consulting projects for major companies in areas such as business reform, organizational reform, and new business promotion. Since 2015, he has also been supporting the planning and promotion of business strategies for Tokyo Verdy, a professional football club in which we have invested.

Based on his experience in both consulting and sports business, he is currently leading projects for various clients in the field of sports and entertainment, including content holders, companies, and governments.

He specializes in multi-stakeholder project management and contributes to the creation of new value by integrating sports and entertainment content with the existing assets of companies and governments.



A former national team football player from Taquaritinga, São Paulo, Brazil, he served as national team captain at the 2001 Confederations Cup and helped his country win the 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea for the fifth time in two tournaments as a defender.

He began his professional career with Brazil’s Sao Paulo FC before winning three consecutive Ligue 1 titles with Lyon in the French Ligue 1 before moving to Barcelona. He also won titles with Barcelona. He continued to play in the Spanish and Brazilian leagues until his retirement in 2011.

After his retirement, he co-founded FC SKA Brasil with Skylight Consulting to run a football academy in Brazil.

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