Model Cases

Assistance in developing organizational infrastructure through subsidies


Many NFs face difficulties in raising funds and improving the quality of their human resources for maintaining and developing their competitions. In addition, the subsidization application is limited in its use and the organizations that can utilize it, and even if selected, they face problems carrying out the project with internal resources.


First, we interviewed the client NF’s senior management to clarify the hurdles to building the future. Then, based on the results of the interviews, we supported the client in applying for a grant, and once the application was approved, we began the project in earnest. In the progress of the project, we clarified the cooperative framework with the client and implemented a cross-organizational approach to organizing issues. We also focused on developing the next generation of leaders assigned to the project by having them actively participate in interviews and examining issues.


As a result of these supports, NF succeeded in obtaining the subsidy and was able to formulate a plan that depicted a sense of current issues and an ideal vision for the future. The project was launched in earnest and cross-organizational collaboration was formed through interviews, and communication within the organization was revitalized. Furthermore, the project has succeeded in strengthening the organization’s capabilities by broadening the horizons and enhancing the perspectives of the next generation of leaders.