2024 Mar 14

Japan professional women’s football league Business analysis


▶This year marks the third year since the professional women’s football league was established in Japan. In this report, we will analyze the past two years from a business perspective and look at what is happening in Japan today.

▶The three main sources of revenue for professional leagues are matchdays, sponsorships, and broadcasting. In addition to these, this report looks at the league’s social role.

▶Currently, the league’s primary focus is on matchday attendance. We would like to see this compared not only with the numbers of the Japanese professional leagues but also with the English leagues, which have had great success in recent years. They achieved Japan’s target of an average attendance of 5,000 last season, and I would like to look at how they have made such a leap from a situation that was not much different from Japan’s five years ago.

▶In the women’s football world, which is currently experiencing significant growth worldwide, Japan is lagging behind when compared to other strong nations. We would like to explore the reasons for this with quantitative analysis and find hints for future growth.



1-1 Establishment of the Professional League

2.League Overview

2-1 About WE League
2-2 Mission and Vision
2-3 About We league club
2-4 Tournament and Schedule


3-1 Overview
3-2 Attendance per Clubs
3-3 Attendance per Section
3-4 Comparison with FAWSL
3-5 Challenges in WE League attendance
3-6 Problem Solving Approach


4-1 Sponsorship Structure
4-2 List of sponsors from inception to present
4-3 Challenges in WE League Sponsorship


5-1 Overview
5-2 Comparison with foreign countries
5-3 Challenges in WE League Broadcasting

6.Social contribution

6-1 Philosophy of Social Contribution
6-2 Examples of Social Contribution Initiatives
6-3 Development potential as a business


7-1 The Potential of Japanese Women’s Football

Author : 4-Football & SKYLIGHT Sports

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