2024 Apr 12

Introduction: Project to support the Japan Blind Football Association (PR TIMES STORY)

SKYLIGHT Sports’ support project for the Japan Blind Football Association has been featured in PR TIMES STORY.

SKYLIGHT Sports’ project to support a central governing body, with the goal of “Evolving Sports into Industry”
(in Japanese)

About the Japan Blind Football Association (JBFA)

The JBFA is the central governing body for Blind Football and Low Vision Futsal, and its vision is “to realize a society where the visually impaired and the sighted can mix and mingle as a matter of course”. In addition to promoting and strengthening the sport, the organization is developing diversity education programs for sighted people that take advantage of the characteristics of the sport. 2018 Asahi Sports Award Winner. For more information, please visit our website at



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