2023 Jun 30

Re-Post:New sponsorship contract with the IBF Foundation

Skylight Consulting Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Toshiki Hao, President; hereinafter “Skylight”) has signed a partnership agreement with the International Blind Football Foundation (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Eigo Matsuzaki,representative; hereinafter “IBF Foundation”) effective April 2023. The agreement is for a period of two years from April 2023, and together we will support the IBF Foundation in its efforts to provide solutions for the visually impaired.

1. About the partnership

When a new project was launched in 2021, we were asked to provide consulting services. As a result, we became the main sponsor of “VI Ideathon 2023 in Kerala”, the first Ideathon for the visually impaired to be organized by the IBF Foundation in February 2023 in Kochi, Kerala, India. The partnership with IBF Foundation is a great honor for us.
Through this partnership, we will support IBF Foundation in strategic planning and project management of various projects based on our expertise and achievements in consulting, and we will continue to work with the Foundation.

2.Comment from Skylight President

Toshiki Habutsu, President of Skylight, commented as follows
We have had a relationship with the IBF Foundation in the past by conducting consulting projects and organizing an ideation in India. We have decided to enter into a partnership agreement with the IBF Foundation with the idea that we will continue to work together to address issues related to the visually impaired. We look forward to working with you in planning and supporting your projects to ensure that our collaboration will produce positive results.

3. Comment from IBF Foundation Representative Director

Eigo Matsuzaki, representative of the IBF Foundation, commented as follows.
Skylight has supported us on two unprecedented projects to date, including consulting and other professional expertise. This time, we have once again decided to conclude a partnership agreement with Skylight because they share our desire to take on new challenges in a multinational, multinational environment. We plan to co-create the project globally from the planning stage and collaborate in its implementation. We will continue to work hard for our mission of “Connecting people and wisdom through blind soccer to provide solutions for the visually impaired.”

About Skylight Consulting Inc.

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