2024 Mar 22

Re-Post:New sponsorship contract with the Veroskronos Tsuno

Skylight Consulting Inc.(Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiki Habutsu; hereinafter referred to as «Skylight») has entered into a 2023 Season Partner Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the «Agreement») with J.FC Miyazaki (Miyazaki Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture; President: Takashi Yamamoto; hereinafter referred to as «J.FC Miyazaki»), which operates Velos Chronos Miyano, a member of the Kyushu Soccer League. (Miyazaki Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture, President: Takashi Yamamoto, «J.FC Miyazaki»), which operates «J.FC Miyazaki» in Miyazaki Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture.


About the Agreement

Velos Chronos Miyazaki is a soccer club that belongs to the Kyushu Soccer League and whose hometown is Miyazaki Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture. Sports have the power to inspire many people. We believe that the development of sports in each region in a way that is rooted in everyday life will lead to the further development of the Japanese sports world. Sports also have the power to solve social problems. As Japan’s population declines and ages, various social issues are expected to become more serious, and we believe that sports can play a role in addressing these issues. Through this partnership, Skylight will continue to provide services such as club management consulting to contribute to the development of clubs and, ultimately, local communities.


President Comment

Toshiki Habutsu, President of Skylight, commented on the partnership agreement as follows: «We have entered into a partnership agreement for the 2023 season with «Velos Chronos Tono», whose mission is to «strive for an advanced model of regional development in Japan». We believe it is important to simultaneously improve the strength of the team and contribute to the development of the local community as it aims to move up from the Kyushu League to the JFL and, in the future, the J League. Skylight Consulting has been developing management consulting and sports businesses in Japan and overseas. We hope to contribute to the development of the club and the local community through this partnership based on our knowledge and experience.


About Velos Klonos Tsuno

Club Name: Velos Kronos Tsuno
Management Company: J.FC Miyazaki Co.


About J.FC Miyazaki Co.

Address: 4822-1 Oaza Kawakita, Tono-machi, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture, 889-1201, Japan
Established: February 2015
President : Takashi Yamamoto


About SkylightConsulting Inc.

Headquarters: Akasaka Tameike Tower, 2-17-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Established: March 10, 2000
President: Toshiki Habutsu
Business Activities:

  • Business Development Consulting
  • Corporate Transformation Consulting
  • Organizational Culture Transformation Consulting
  • Venture Investment and Development
  • Sports Business
  • Global Business

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